About the Artists

Our beautiful gardens will host members of the artist community.

Alex Fong

Born in Vancouver, B.C. in 1956, Alex Fong’s interest in art began at a young age. However, it was not until his study of interior design that he discovered the medium of watercolour and the freedom of colour and expression that matched his vision of the world.

Alex’s early works reflected a traditional oriental technique. As his talents flourished, Alex developed a personal style that has since become his hallmark. Alex’s paintings are a kaleidoscope of light and colour – a bouquet of wonder and whimsy. The sense of delight that accompanies them draws the viewer in for a closer look. His translucent, impressionistic paintings are distinguished by a parade of coloured flecks that he calls “confetti” which represent his celebration of life. The result is an exquisite balance of spontaneity and grace. Though Alex’s artistic vision continues to evolve, his works reflect a fresh and youthful outlook.

Alex Fong’s work has attracted the attention of fine art collectors since the early days when he exhibited at Vancouver galleries, and then through his years as a touring member of the Western Lights Artists Group. Alex has exhibited in both Canada and the U.S. for over thirty five years. His watercolours are featured in both private and corporate collections throughout the continent.

Alex has developed close relationships with the art community in Alberta, and exciting artistic associations at his home in the Okanagan, with the Valley’s wine industry and charitable organizations. He participates in celebrations of art, food, music and theatre, reflecting his deep commitment to the cultural nurturing of his own community, and to art education.

Alex Fong’s artistic vision continues to evolve, his work reflecting a delightfully fresh and youthful outlook. “A child views the world with optimism and wonder. That is what I hope to accomplish with my art. Each day, I look forward to creating something new and wonderful” he says. “I paint to make people feel good, and put a little joy into their lives.”

Joy, splendour and whimsy, sprinkled with a few unusual surprises…           



Andrea Pyle

The majority of the artwork you see on Studio on Tenth products is painted by Emma. The chickadee was the first at age 17 and that is when we knew she really had a gift. 

From early on, Emma loved nature.  The long walks hunting for tadpoles, snakes, and ducks are now a part of everything she creates using her favorite medium, watercolor.  A carefully chosen palate derived from Mother Nature itself gives the images a light hearted yet true to life feel.

Emma is expanding her skills at UVIC and preparing for her future teaching in the Arts.  Currently residing in Victoria for her studies, it will be exciting to see what lays ahead for this 23 year old artist. We started this business as a way to put Emma through University without a student loan.  I remember saying we were going to pay for her education one tea towel at a time– followed with a big chuckle. We also wanted her to be financially independent through out her life. We had some money saved for our kids but not enough for a full degree plus the living expenses that go along with it.  I have always had a side hustle and was able to use the playful images she painted to adorn all sorts of blank canvases.  We started with tea towels and have expanded from there.  I have now embarked on this as my full time job as the business has taken off and truly love every minute.   Enjoy these offerings from our family to yours, and know they are made with much love. www.studioontenth.com

Daniel A Dearborn

Daniel is a prolific painter he would call his style impressionistic, being inspired by Monet and Van Gogh. He has been painting since he was thirteen and began selling his work at nineteen. His mentor in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia Canada was a dutchman who was a master artist and provided the base for what Daniel knows today

Previously Daniel had been in retail management for 35 years, but now he finally has some time to indulge his senses fully and let them have free rein. Daniel paints scenes which resonate with people on an emotional level. He draws on memory in some cases or visits then paints areas in our valley which evoke a mood, a feeling which causes people to connect with a long ago place or mood. He says it’s taken years to fine tune his craft and even he notices his own progression from one artwork to the next.

Each work is a symphony of colour, layer upon layer until just the right effect is created. And create he must. He cannot be truly happy unless he is creating something and since he appeared to have a talent for painting, it became his driving force in life. He prefers painting with bright colours because it makes his soul happy to see a riot of colour. And don’t we all love the bright colours of summer? The Okanagan is the perfect place for this man, with its intense blue skies and waters, the bright yellow fields and pops of colour with our vast array of flowers, grasses and trees which happily take root. He chose Kelowna B.C. because of the Okanagan lake and it is an ideal spot to indulge all his passions which include hiking, canoeing, wine country touring, and relaxing at the lake. He is a creative person and says he is fortunate in as much as he can paint from anywhere and is an enthusiastic traveller who draws inspiration from wherever he casts his eye.

danieldearbornarts@gmail.com  250-899-3491  

Lee Claremont

Lee is Mohawk and Irish and was born in Woodstock, Ontario. She is a member of Grand River Six Nations in Oshweken, Ontario. She has a BFA from the University of British Columbia, and now lives in the Okanagan Valley.

She is a visual storyteller who has an intimate understanding of the language that colour speaks. Her explosions of colour burst into the world of painting, intertwining texture, pattern and life through a uniquely Indigenous worldview.


Susan Nielson

Susan is a classically trained contemporary oil painter with a background in arts education. Since moving to her home by Woodhaven in 2014, her art has celebrated the flora and fauna in the forest by her doorstep. She is interested in life cycles, wildlife, ecology, natural geometry, and our connections with nature.

In Susan’s paintings, she explores ways to integrate tradition and innovation; starting with drawing, field sketching and direct hands-on processes.


Annabel Stanley

Annabel Stanley was born and brought up in England. She is the great grand niece of Sir Edwin Lutyens. She left school in the early 80’s and went on to study Horticulture at Merrist Wood Horticultural College near Guildford, Surrey. She worked her practicum at Pepiniere Meunier (a plant nursery) in The Loire Valley, France. Moving to London she trained to be a Florist at Veevers Carter Flowers in Chelsea and spent the next 4 years serving high profile clientele such as Harrods, Tiffany’s the Jewelers, and Estee Lauder, along with decorating the Christmas tree for the Duke and Duchess of York at Buckingham Pal

She met and married her Canadian born-husband, and they moved to New Zealand in 1992 where they were introduced to the world of wine.  Annabel worked for Cloudy Bay Winery in Malborough in their propagation department and Grant started his career as a winemaker.

They moved to the Wairarapa  and Annabel opened up her own flower shop specializing in weddings and was inspired to start weaving sculptures with vine canes, dog wood, willow, wire , moss and other materials which give a vibrant natural effect . This started her career as an artist, holding exhibitions and speaking engagements around the country as well as giving workshops to local elementary schools.

Annabel has been featured in the New Zealand Gardener, New Zealand Cuisine, the first issue of Sculpture Pacific in Canada, and appeared on National TV in New Zealand .

Annabel, Grant and their son Francis relocated to the Okanagan in 2003. They purchased their own vineyard in 2005, Coyote Vineyard, 2020 and Annabel is now the sole operator of the vineyard and new garden which is a source for her weaving materials.  She has continued with her Art, holding several exhibitions and sharing her passion and knowledge with local schools and local groups of artists, including Cool Arts which is dedicated to providing fine arts to adults with developmental disabilities.

Her influences have been willow artist Serena de la Hay and environmental sculptor Andrew Goldsworthy.  She has also studied with Peter Faulkner, a coracle builder (hazel and hide small lightweight boats), learning new styles of weaving with Martha Cloudsley from BC and trained in willow sculpture with Julieann Worrall Hood in Wiltshire England.

Annabel has always had her feet planted firmly in the soil as her hands reach up into the branches of the trees and she loves to share this passion with young minds, getting them outdoors and appreciating and creating with nature.

AnnabelStanley.com    250-769-1206

Cindy Ross

Growing up in British Columbia and spending time in the mountains and on the water developed a deep love of the beautiful environment I am blessed to live in. Running my own interior design firm for 15 years brought my creative perspective to the commercial and residential projects I worked on. Expressing myself creatively has now brought me to a place in front of the canvas and it is exciting to foster that voice through paint. I love coastal colours, textures and communicating my reaction to my environment. Creating is an evolution of letting go and sharing my vision, loving the process!


Gail Hodgson

Gail has been described as “a true artist of the heart”. Her creativity flows through many aspects of her life.  Whether she is experimenting with anew art medium, giving new life to old pieces of furniture, helping her clients decorate a room or creating a culinary feast; you can be sure it will have Gail flair.

As a graduate of MacEwan University in Visual Communications Graphic Design in 1988, she found her way to Kelowna and soon after, launched Gail Hodgson Interior Artist. This unique art and design business specializes in oversize wall and ceiling murals, wall textures and custom art as well as interior decorating. Her work has been featured in many award winning homes throughout the years in the Okanagan, as well as featured in local TV and news.

As well as creating many artfully stunning interiors in the Okanagan, Gail creates outstanding modern art. Fluid acrylics or ‘flow art’ is a newer art form and she has created her own unique expression within this style.

Inspired by the question; What is life?, we could say her main theme is; Science Meets Art. This contemporary expression is appealing to the visionaries of the world and to everyone who has everyone wondered; what life is.


Linda Lovisa

Linda Lovisa moved to West Kelowna, BC in 2006.Her adventurous spirit soon had Linda hiking the Monashees, West Coast Trail, Okanagan Mountain Park and so many other local trails for inspiration. She calls Sunday, “Wilderness Sunday.” She always has a sketchbook in her pack. In 2009 Linda opened the New Moon Gallery and Natural Transitions Art Studio where she has local artists exhibiting and teaches classes in acrylics, watercolour and mixed media. Linda offers workshops in direct painting, the art of double and triple loaded brush work.   

The Canadian landscape has inspired Linda since she was ten years old. Self-taught she has dedicated her life to being an artist. All of her paintings are from places she has explored and each has a story or location on the back. Her passion for life and creativity meld together in her artwork with her use of colour and motion. Linda’s artwork allows oneself to reconnect with the land and spirituality, and in doing so, offers us a great gift.